After living in London for nearly 2 years, it is finally time I saw Spain. Barcelona’s legendary architecture and beautiful history is what attracted me the most.

Photo by Mathilde Cureau.

London to Palma, Palma to Barcelona, and Barcelona back to London. As you may know, from this post I wrote over a year ago, I moved to London in November 2017. By doing so I not only left my family behind in Canada, but also my friends and two cats. One of my closest friends came to visit me in London and that’s where this adventure began. After we spent some time exploring London, we made our way to Palma. This was the part I had planned for! Palma de Mallorca is among the Balearic Islands south of Barcelona and the Spanish mainland. I’ve dreamt of going somewhere like this and having been there, I can say that’s one item checked off on my bucket list. Gorgeous. Simply stunning. The history and culture here is breathtaking.

Photo by Isaac D.

Barcelona was the next leg of the journey and this goes without saying, it was pretty incredible. My friend and I had a half day walking tour which took us through central Barcelona and through a lot of the old Gothic Quarter. Along with seeing beautiful architecture and historical landmarks, the tour Guide Sergio gave us a ton of amazing information and history as well as a bit of humour to lighten the vibe when we dove into some more of the darker parts of the history in the Gothic Quarter. The past is not all good, but it’s Barcelona’s history nonetheless and it was truly an experience of a lifetime.

Header Photo by

Oliver Niblett