The world is so full of brilliant minds. They’re everywhere, innovating the most incredible technologies. Innovation in consumer products is fine, but there lies a problem here. These brilliant individuals come up with solutions to problems that do not exist, rather than solutions to problems that DO exist. Bare with me.

So to keep the focus I will use two examples to make my point. LG Wallpaper TV and Tesla Motors.

LG has created a TV so thin that they can call it the Wallpaper TV and it’s literally that. So thin it becomes part of the wall. This achievement by LG and the respective minds that made it possible is a huge deal. It proves people at LG have the capacity for great solution-making. They have brilliant minds.

Now let’s talk Tesla and the man who started the e-car revolution as we know it today, Elon Musk. Tesla solved and continues to innovate on a problem that exists. A problem that has evolved from negligence. Eliminating emissions and securing a safer cleaner future for us and generations to come.

Think about the assignment of brilliant minds and the tasks they have. Some innovate in areas that make sales for a company or keep them at a competitive edge to other companies and some innovate and change the world. I challenge LG to assign some of those brilliant minds on solving problems that have much bigger impact on the world than a TV so thin it’s basically wallpaper.

I will never buy a $7k TV, but I will buy a solution to hunger, poverty, homelessness… the list goes on.

Header Photo by

Sean Afnan