One of the biggest changes in my life is moving from central Canada to London, United Kingdom. This change means a few things that I would love to highlight in this post. I consider this transition a chance for me to hit the ultimate reset button.

In my post about simplifying and minimizing your life, I touched on my transition to a minimalist lifestyle. Trendy or not, the reason I chose to begin this journey of simplifying my life comes out of my natural need for things in my life to be as simple as possible. The main reason for that is to keep my personal space as soothing and stress free as possible. Another huge step in starting this journey is getting rid of material things I don’t use/need around me. Moving to London means taking only the essentials. This is the ultimate reset button. Passing on my belongings to someone who can better benefit from it. I will, in the meantime, benefit greatly from this as well. Goal accomplished. Life is simple and minimal.

Why move to London and when did this all start happening?

This all started in January 2016 when I traveled to London with my work mates for a work week in London at our London office. I had enjoyed it so much that I joked that I wouldn’t get on the plane to return to Canada. Ultimately, I chose to do the responsible thing and depart with my team. Fast forward a couple weeks, jokes popped up about when I’d move to London. At this time, no plans were being made to officially move. Fast forward again about 8 months and a plan was set in motion to not only move to London on a personal level, but also a professional level.

As for why move to London… on one hand I say ‘why not?’. On the other hand, it made the most sense as the company I work for has an office in London, so I could easily resume my job there.

So what now?

Soon I will get on that plane and soon it will land and soon I will be in my new flat and soon my new life will begin. I will be documenting my new life both on here in this blog and on Instagram.

Header Photo by

Sapan Patel