My thought process lately has been a bit scrambled. There are plenty of reasons why this has happened, but none really justify upsetting the inner balance that keeps me level-headed most days.

I am moving to London (the biggest move of my life), work is always pretty fast-paced and there are deadlines to achieve and clients (current and potential) to impress, my own skill in this career needs to be competitive, a suite in my building (where I live) has introduced roaches and now fumigation while I pack is a huge ordeal, trying to sell and/or find new homes for things that I find valuable yet cannot take with me, visas, flats to rent, baggage, suit cases, transportation to and from airports….

As you can see the list goes on. Now this is not meant to be a complaint thread or anything of the sort, merely an example of how scrambled my brain gets. So my solution to this, making music. I make electronic music. Mellow, tropical house, dance vibes. Some have even called it elevator music. It clears my mind and allows me to focus on one thing for a while. The music.

I think we all need something we identify with as an escape. Something we can focus on that is powerful enough to block the rest of your thoughts out for a short time to give your mind a rest and room to breathe. Something that centers us.

Find your center. Center your priorities.

Header Photo by

Aziz Acharki