I’ve come to realize that there’s a very obvious contradiction in my everyday life. I have a minimalist mindset. The work I do as a designer, I strive for simplicity and minimalism. Even the problems or issues I cycle in my brain, I seek simplicity in the solutions. “Have I solved this before? How can I solve it now.”

I don’t value complexity on the level that others do. If we are at our happiest when our mind is clear and level, I think my surroundings should reflect that. Right now, they do not. I’m unhappy with my surroundings. The issues are complex, but the solutions are simple.


Declutter, minimize and reduce. These three very important steps might sound very similar, but without going into more of an essay, to me, they each represent a step I can take towards leading the happiest life that suits me.

I hope you’ve survived to the end of this post and found it somewhat insightful. Just remember, you don’t need material things to feel rich.

Header Photo by

Rodion Kutsaev